Price List

Approximate price of translations

The price is calculated from two components: the length of the text and the pay rate (price = length × pay rate). The length of the text is expressed in “standard pages”, where 1 standard page (sp) = 1,800 characters incl. spaces*. The pay rate for 1 standard page is agreed on by the client and myself based on the difficulty and urgency of the translation.

Rate (price range): 350 to 550 CZK/sp

Approximate price of interpreting

The price for consecutive interpreting between English and Czech is calculated from three components: the number of hours, the pay rate, and the travel fee (price = [number of hours × pay rate] + travel fee). The pay rate for 1 hour of interpreting (regardless of the actual amount of interpreting done within that time) is agreed on by the client and myself based on the difficulty of the interpreting:

Interpreting pay rate: 590 to 990 CZK/hour
(includes my full cooperation and consultation regarding communication, cultural expectations, problem solving, satisfactory results etc.)

Travel fee: 2×7 CZK/km (up to 15 km for free)
the distance is measured from the contact address (Sušilova Street, Holešov) using, the rate of 7 CZK/km is doubled to account for the journey there and back; the fee includes travelling expenses and time spent on the road***

Interpreting for more than one day: contact me with the details

* You can find out the character count of your document using a text editor (Word, OpenOffice), in general you can access it through the toolbar: Tools -> Word/Character Count. Divide the “character count including spaces” number by 1,800. This will give you the amount of standard pages your text contains. I round the length of the text to one decimal point, the overall length of the job must be at least 0.5 sp.

** Example: You order a translation from me. The commission consists of three texts of 1.8 + 2.6 + 8.0 sp, that is 12.4 sp altogether, the base pay rate is set to 280 CZK/sp. You require a thorough self-correction (+50 CZK/sp), but the base speed is good enough for you and you do not have any other specific requirements. The overall pay rate is 330 CZK/sp and the end price of the job is 12,4 × 330 = 4,092 CZK. You approve the calculation and your order to me on Friday, 3 May, at 2:17 p.m. Based on the length of the job and the chosen speed, the deadline for the translation is 6 work days. I will probably send you the finished translation sometime during the following week, but at the latest by 2:17 p.m. on Tuesday 14 May (the deadline skips the two weekends and the Czech bank holiday on 8 May). If you needed to have the translation done by an earlier date, an express translation would result in a deadline of 2:17 p.m. on Thursday 9 May, and the price would be 620 CZK higher. If that was still too slow, we could surely agree on some more suitable deadline and corresponding financial compensation.

*** Examples of travel fees for various destinations in the Czech Republic: interpreting in Brno – 1120 CZK; interpreting in Olomouc – 630 CZK; interpreting in Ostrava – 1190 CZK; interpreting in Zlín – 280 CZK. Discounts for travel fees can be obtained when booking 6 or more hours of interpreting services.